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Agricultural Machinery must be compliant with C.A.R.B.
What you need to know about agricultural diesel regulations in California.
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Agricultural Diesel Powered Machinery

Section 2449(b) of the In-Use Off-Road Diesel Vehicle Regulation (off-road regulation) provides that all vehicles used exclusively for agricultural operations, including first processing after harvest, are exempt from all requirements in sections 2449, 2449.1, 2449.2 and 2449.3 of the off-road regulation. This document is designed to provide guidance for determining what activities will be designated as agricultural operations.

Agricultural operations include, but are not limit too, activities such as the raising and harvesting of crops from soil, the raising of fowl or animals, logging, and forestry operations. A majority of the off-road vehicles used in facilities such as wineries, dairies, logging operations, farms, ranches, and wholesale nurseries will be exempt from all requirements of the off-road regulation.

To assist fleet owners in determining what types off-road vehicles will be considered exempt under the agricultural operations definition, ARB staff is providing the following guidance. Off-road vehicles that are determined to be exempt under the off-road regulation because they are used in agricultural operations will be covered and regulated by the soon to be proposed In-Use Mobile Agricultural Equipment Regulation. For more information on this upcoming regulation, please see ARB’s website at: http://www.arb.ca.gov/ag/agtractor/agtractor.htm

Vehicles Used To Support Agricultural Activities

Vehicles used to support agricultural operations at agricultural facilities are exempt from the requirements of the off-road regulation. These support vehicles are used for activities including, but not limited to:

  • Preparing soil for the raising of crops
  • Harvesting crops
  • Maintaining roads through agricultural fields
  • Irrigation maintenance
  • Loading and/or transporting fertilizer
  • Loading and/or transporting feed for livestock

Vehicles Not Used Exclusively in Agricultural Operations

As stated in section 2449(e)(11) of the off-road regulation, if a vehicle is used over half the time, but not exclusively, in agricultural operations it is exempt from the performance requirements of sections 2449(d), 2449.1(a), and 2449.2(a), but still must comply with the reporting and labeling requirements of sections 2449(f) and 2449(g). If a vehicle is used less than half the time for agricultural operations, the vehicle must comply with all requirements of the off-road regulation. However, when calculating the hours of usage for the vehicle (for low-use status, or for the hours provision of the regulation, section 2449(d)(2)), the hours used in agricultural operations may be excluded from the total number of hours reported to ARB.

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