Vehicle Labeling Services
When will I receive my Equipment Identification Numbers (EINs)?

Fleets that have reported online through DOORS will receive their EINs immediately upon approval of their fleet. EINs are view-able by logging into your DOORS account and selecting “View EINs” from the drop-down menu. Fleets that have reported via hard copy forms will have their EINs mailed directly to them.


Once I receive the ARB issued EINs, what are the requirements for labeling vehicles?

Once you have received your numbers you must label your equipment within thirty (30) days. You can purchase stickers or paint the numbers directly onto the vehicle. The California Air Resources Board requires that the background must be red with white lettering that is 3” tall and 1½“wide. Place the EINs on the outside of the vehicle, approximately 5 feet above ground level. If the vehicle is not 5 feet tall, the EIN can be placed lower on the vehicle. Furthermore, the EIN must be maintained in a manner that retains its legibility for the entire life of the vehicle.

Where Can I Buy Labels?

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On Road Vehicle ECL Labeling Requirement 
What are the ENGINE EMISSION CONTROL LABEL (ECL) requirements?

The Engine Emission Control Label (ECL) is a label that the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) places on the block of your engine. It contains vital information regarding your engine such as; engine manufacturer, engine model, family, model year, on road or off road, engine use and engine emission certification. The engine serial number is usually found on the engine itself. 


Because this ECL data is extremely important, care should be taken to preserve it.

  • We highly recommend that you avoid using pressure washers or steam cleaners around the placement area.

  • If the label is no longer readable, you must contact the engine manufacturer to request a replacement (cost is around $100.00). 

  • It is suggested that you take a picture of the ECL label and keep it in your business files.

    • As a backup, it is recommended that you provide a copy of the ECL photo to BeCarbCompliant for your client file.


If you are stopped at a roadside inspection and you do not have a legible

 ECL label, the California Resource Board can give you

an $800 citation!